Hawkeye Directional provides all of the tools and services needed for measurement-while-drilling operations. We offer the newest generation of Tolteq retrievable mud-pulse MWD tools and equipment as well as experienced field personnel. Our specialized MWD kits come with everything you need to drill in any environment.

With Hawkeye Directional, customers receive the Tolteq intelligent series MWD, which is extremely reliable and has extensive logging capabilities. In addition, we offer Tool Tracker software, the most advanced data-analysis and data-archiving software available. By utilizing Tool Tracker, we receive crucial downhole data from our MWD tools that can be analyzed, post-run, to help us and our clients understand down hole performance and maximize efficiency well over well.

Along with our Tolteq MWD systems, Hawkeye Directional has a variety of tried and true, in-house, options to tailor our systems to your application; such as our state of the art dynamic inclination, high LCM RIME pulsers and K6 lower ends and our shock and vibration reducing modules and fins. Additionally, we have some strategic alliances with companies such as Gordon Technologies, which gives us access to the high LCM and shock and vibration mitigating Shock Miser.

Shock Miser Brochure

For gamma logging, Hawkeye Directional provides customers with Polaris Guidance Systems. This web-based program is an embedded data-logging system made for directional and MWD data collection and reporting. Polaris supports on-site reporting and off-site viewing of well operations.

You can quickly access our documentation with our Hawkeye PDF mobile app available for iOS and Android.

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